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Membership cards can be bought online as an E-ticket or as a physical ticket at all participating establishments.

A membership-card costs N$ 1000 and is valid for a full year from date of purchase.


  • Children aged 0-4 stay free of charge (no need for a membership-card)
  • Children aged 5-13 can get a membership-card to their name for N$ 500

No. A membership-card is issued to your personal name. Every person wanting to check-in using their membership-card is to show a matching, valid ID.

Bookings must be made no longer than 3 days before check-in date

You can start enjoying the 50% discount the day you’ve purchased your membership-card. 

As a member you pay 50% of the normal rack rates. These rates are usually the rates they provide on websites like booking.com or any other place they show the rates.

With you membership-card you are not eligible to enjoy another special. With the membership-card you pay 50% of the rack rate, regardless of any specials running at the establishment.

No. With this membership you can only enjoy the 50% discount when you book at the establishment directly through e-mail or telephone or when you walk-in without a booking

You can stay at one establishment with the 50% discount, as long as the establishment has availability. Since your visit will be a last-minute booking, it’s quite possible the establishment will have bookings for the room/camp you stayed in/at and thus these guests will be given priority to your booking.

 You can use your Membership Card as often as you like during the duration of your one years membership.

All members of the walk-in travel group will grant  you this sweet 50% discount on your room.

No. This membership-card applies to accommodation discount ONLY. No food, beverages or activity discounts will be granted with this membership-card.

Yes. This membership-card is valid for any type of accommodation the establishment provides, also camping bookings.

You should contact Melissa (+264 81 768 3621), tell her what happened, where you lost is, where you purchased the membership-card and she will in turn send you a new membership-card.

Unfortunately the membership-cards are non-refundable.

If you have already purchased an e-ticket or Membership card please note your membership will be updated to a full year from date of purchase. 

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